DJ SATELITEDJ Satelite, a native of Luanda, started his career by raw, passionate curiosity and quickly became one of the main drivers of Afro House and Kuduro in many lusophone countries. After dedicating years on his own productions, in 2006 he achieved notoriety as one of the coproducers of the album Estado Maior do Kuduro dos Lambas. It is also known as the first album produced
by a local artist and gained stellar reviews in Angola. In particular, the hit single, ‘Se desfio’ conquered the hearts of a huge fan base. Satelite’s productions have been featured on the critically acclaimed film ‘I Love Kuduro’.

Internationally acclaimed as one of the most prominent Angolan beatmakers, He also launched his own record label, Seres Produções in order to expose extraordinary music, including his new release ‘If Only’ with the Moroccan producer Cee ElAssaad. 2016 is set to be an exceptional year of top quality releases with additional productions such as ‘Malembe na Soukouss’, ‘Abantu’ & ‘Xe Mana Bella’. Including collaborations with Ancestral Soul master Boddhi Satva and the unique voice of Freddy Massamba, released by the globally recognized label Offering Recordings.

Satelite’s journey has taken him to some of the biggest events and organizations, such as Red Bull Music Academy and the Ibiza International Music Summit. This year, he also got to show his live skills on Boiler Room, alongside Batida. He has also graced some established and innovative festivals such as Sfinks Festival, AfricaNouveau and the Ten Cities project. He has played for the

legendary British DJ Fatboy Slim. DJ Satelite is an ambassador of the new Angolan sound and a pioneer of the African Electronic Music scene that burns dance floors all across the globe.